We don’t think there’s much to ponder, think about, consider, or ruminate on here. We don’t think it matters if you are partial to redheads right now. We do think that once you take a look at our TJE Favorite Thing for July, you’ll be partial to redheads in a big way. 

Our July Favorite Thing is a blog written by ASTC’s own Anne Reed entitled Deliberations. Anne is an attorney and a trial consultant (and a bit of a technical guru and blawger). She’s a 2007 ABA Journal Blawg 100 Honoree and a consistently fun and thought-provoking read. 

Upon what does Anne deliberate? You name it. She deliberates. Topics like her favorite applied social sciences journal; the jury system in Japan; courtroom cameras; technology and the attorney; new court decisions soon after they come down; findings in the social sciences research; news items; and more. You’ll also find a collection of supplemental jury questionnaires from various trials, a guide for trial lawyers to social networking sites, and recommendations on voir dire. 

You truly do want to go see why Anne Reed is our July Favorite Thing. 

While there are instructions on how to subscribe via RSS in Tammy Metzger’s article in this issue of TJE, you don’t have to have a “blog reader” to see Deliberations: you can also subscribe via email. Just go to this URL and we bet Anne Reed will still be your Favorite Thing even after the calendar page turns. 

See the ‘Deliberations’ blog here: http://jurylaw.typepad.com/deliberations/


ASTC member Lisa DeCaro of Courtroom Performance, Inc. recommended our July Favorite Thing.