Granted. Our Favorite Thing[s] this month are not for everyone. Actually, it’s plural this month in a nod to just how geeky (yet quirky and oddly attractive) these two resources are to the curious mind. One writer describes our first favorite thing as “Napster for Nerds”. (You may want an external hard drive for this one….).


Favorite Thing One: The glorious and often unsung Social Sciences Research Network (SSRN). Download the law. Download social sciences research. Download odd facts and eccentric articles that make you interesting–and perhaps even geeky, quirky, and oddly attractive….at least to TJE Editor Rita Handrich who offers up this one from her favorite things bookmark folder. 

P.S. It’s free!!!


Favorite Thing Two: Here’s a gem. Also free with an option to upgrade for a fee. Suggested by ASTC member trial consultant Kacy Miller as a data source for a site that details public opinion polls on a range of topics–the Rasmussen Reports serves up politics, polls, and plenty of data on changing public thoughts and attitudes. For example, there are polls on how people feel about the drinking age, whether small business owners work harder than CEOs, political perspectives and even what mode of music most people prefer (radio, CD, MP3, et cetera).     Oh my, my.