Obviously we need to change this feature to Favorite Things since we can’t seem to choose just one thing to be our favorite. It’s not that we’re fickle. We are simply blessed with a plethora of favorites.

Our first favorite thing is proffered by Laura Rochelois of By Design Legal Graphics.

Laura says:

“I like lots of things about justia.com, especially the docket search.  Free PACER meta-search, then links into PACER once you find what you're looking for.




Not super revolutionary, but a nice time saver if you don't already know the venue.”


And second a favorite thing who is really a favorite person of TJE Editor Rita Handrich.

Ken Pope has been well-known in psychology circles for a long time with a focus on ethics, dual roles, torture victims/torture ethics and psychologists testifying in court.

But this month he is a favorite because of two websites he painstakingly maintains and constantly updates:

http://kspope.com/ (focusing on therapy, ethics, malpractice, forensics, critical thinking and a few other things) and

http://kpope.com/ (focusing on disability, disability rights and ethics and full of resources on disability). Take a few minutes to click through some of the links on Ken’s pages. He’ll be your favorite too.

 Citation for this article: The Jury Expert, 2009, 21(3), 76.