13,450. That’s the number of reads our May issue of The Jury Expert had as of Monday, July 20 (the day before we published this issue). Our online debut issue (in May 2008) had a few more than 500 reads. Over the past year we have grown a lot and we are grateful to the thousands of you who read our pages every issue. And even more grateful (dizzyingly so!) when you pass us on to your friends and colleagues.

We are also grateful to the academics and researchers who write for us and turn theory into practice and especially grateful to the members of the American Society of Trial Consultants (ASTC) without whom we would not exist. ASTC member trial consultants continue to inform, educate and surprise us with creative and practical articles focused on improving litigation advocacy. So thanks to all of you and to paraphrase a young Sally Fields–”you like us, really like us”. 

This issue is filled with lessons for uncertain times. We have articles on terror management theory and how to use it at trial, two articles on damages in times of recession (does it make a difference in awards and if so, how?), getting the most out of videos at trial, exploring the TODDI defense (this other dude did it!), how to prepare your witness for the environment change from office to actual courtroom, and negotiating in the new millennium. Plus our July favorite thing and a book review. It’s hot outside! Stay inside, enjoy the air conditioning and read The Jury Expert!

                                                               — Rita R. Handrich, Ph.D.