This is a very cool issue of The Jury Expert. We have an array of articles we think you'll find interesting, thought-provoking and fun to read.

First we have a look at gender and race in the courtroom over time and recommendations for how litigators might use this information with reactions from two trial consultants.


Then a look at how the internet has been intruding into the courtroom (it isn't just with jurors) and recommendations on how litigators and judges can minimize the impact through clear and specific education and instruction.


Third, we have an article on how research into damage assessments can inform settlement negotiations.


Following that, we have an introductory bibliography on the GBMI/NGRI verdicts with thought from three trial consultants on learning about this specialty niche, educating jurors, and voir dire.


We all pay attention when jurors nod. But what does it mean and when should you really pay attention? Read our fifth article and find out.


Our sixth article takes lessons an experienced trial consultant has learned over three decades about communication in the courtroom (and five decades on the stage). Learn about common mistakes and best practices as well as the identity of Konstantin Stanislavski.


Most of us already know who Antonin Scalia is but did you know it's not a good idea to 'poke Scalia'? What can litigators learn from observing our Supreme Court in action?

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Rita R. Handrich, Ph.D., Editor