This month we have two favorite things (again). Susan Macpherson and Ted Brooks offer their favorites for your exploration! 

From Susan Macpherson: 

I like a blog called Presentation Zen that sends out regular examples of powerful ways to communicate visually and to motivate audiences WITHOUT bullet points. Many cases don't have the budget for professional graphics and this site gives a huge boost to those producing the visuals on the "do it in house" cases. The plus is that there are a host of links to other provocative resources on information processing and retention. For anyone looking to improve and innovate in the realm of visual communication this site and its regular updates is a fantastic free find! See Presentation Zen here.

Susan Macpherson is a jury consultant with National Jury Project's Midwest Regional Office in Minneapolis.


From Ted Brooks:

YouSendIt ( is an excellent tool for sending large files electronically, without clogging your email system. The basic versions are free, and are limited at 100MB with a 7 day, 100 downloads limit per file. It can be used directly via their website, a small application (YouSendIt Express) or from a plug-in on your computer. There are also upgraded (paid) versions available for larger files, more downloads per file and other options.


Ted Brooks is a Trial Presentation Consultant and President of Litigation-Tech LLC, and publishes the Court and Trial Technology Blog.