Wow. Every issue I say to myself "This is our best issue yet!". I'm saying it again. It's amazing to watch an issue come together and I am grateful to all our authors, consultant-authors and consultant-respondents for contributing to yet another terrific issue of The Jury Expert.

We have articles on corporate defense strategies after a decade of corporate malfeasance, on how to use simple rules for better jury selection, the legal and ethical implications of using trial consultants for witness preparation, specifics on how to prepare your witness to answer the "were you prepared" question, implications of the heightened use of images/graphics in the courtroom, skin color bias, and how defense attorneys can present damages issues effectively. Eighty-one pages of awesomeness!

I hope you find this issue useful AND if you do, please comment on our website. I know (courtesy of Google Analytics) how many of you read every issue. Comment! Or blog. And if you blog, let me know so I can link to your blog. Think of it as a small thing you can do to thank the authors who work hard to give us practical, relevant ideas to improve your litigation advocacy.

Happy January! And for those of you in snow-bound places–spring is a LONG ways away, hunker down and read The Jury Expert.

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Rita R. Handrich, Ph.D.

Editor, The Jury Expert