Editor’s Note 
Welcome to the May 2010 issue of The Jury Expert! It’s spring (although in Texas it definitely feels like summer)!  This issue we have reptiles in the courtroom (and in a departure from tradition, we have four trial lawyers responding to the article rather than trial consultants); a Batson update; a piece on juror intimidation inside the jury deliberation room; an article from two journalists on pre-trial publicity and what defense advocates can learn from the Duke lacrosse case (with responses from three trial consultants); a piece using sense-making theory to discuss how Supreme Court Justices behave like jurors; that age-old question of whether size matters when it comes to juries; an essay on persuasive communication and attorney likability; and finally–a trip across the country (and, kind of, through time) as consultants tell stories about rural courthouses time forgot (and stories about a few other things too).
Of course, we also have a couple of Favorite Things and want to remind you about the upcoming ASTC conference in beautiful Minneapolis, Minnesota. The theme this year is 'Perfecting Your Game’ and it’s always a good time for that. 
This is the first issue in which we have benefitted from visual graphics experts in pulling together the issue. Special thanks to Jason Barnes (Barnes & Roberts), Ted Brooks (Litigation-Tech) and Nate Hatch (Resonant Legal Media). Click anywhere in this issue for challenging, educative and fun reading for Spring 2010. 
You’ll see us again in July and 24/7 on-line. Read us. Tell your friends and colleagues. 
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