Jill D. Schmid, Ph.D., a consultant with Tsongas Litigation Consulting, specializes in the creation and implementation of effective communication strategies, and the design and analysis of research for complex, civil litigation nationwide. 

My new favorite thing (along with millions of others) is my iPad. It means I don't have to haul my laptop around with me to read case documents either on the plane or off; it means the graphics I'm reviewing are still in color; it means I can put together presentations on the go; it means I can download books, magazines, or newspapers with one simple command; and it means I look exceptionally high-tech, gadgety-cool to both my 11-year-old son and fellow travelers.


Daniel Wolfe, J.D., Ph.D., a past president and board member of ASTC, is the Director of Jury Consulting for Kroll Ontrack/TrialGraphix, a nationwide litigation consulting firm. 

One of my new favorite things is to test my ability at juror profiling with a clever and creative website, http://www.texaslre.org/jury_game/jurygame_intro.html.

The website gives a great succinct history of the voir dire process in the United States and even gives the reader some of the guidelines and rules to follow when playing this game. Albeit elementary for some, it is a great tool to use for training beginners and to keep your edge if you consider yourself a pro. Give it a try . . . you might surprise yourself!