As you page through this issue, you’ll see content on shadow juries, managing and mentoring Millennials, a review of the iJuror application for the iPad, recommendations on family law disputes, some research on damages presentation, thoughts on communication and gender of attorney, supplemental jury questionnaire items for Arab or Muslim parties in cases, and an interview with the trial consultants involved in the civil rights retrials featured in the new movie Neshoba.

As always, our goal is to educate and inform and cause you to think. We do that through a combination of articles and a sprinkling of original research and technical pieces aimed at helping you keep up with the latest in trial advocacy and thought. We have two departures from trial advocacy in this issue–the interview elicited by the Neshoba movie release and the article on Managing and Mentoring Millennials
We are proud of our history with civil rights and proud of our ASTC members who have worked to bring justice (albeit delayed). We’re bringing you this interview with Andy Sheldon and Beth Bonora to show that pride and to highlight the contributions of these consultants. (And to encourage you to see the movie!)
The Millennial piece is a follow-up to our piece in the July issue on what we really know about the Millennial generation. There has been a tremendous debate in the online community on the work ethic of the Millennial attorney. We are publishing this review of research on the Millennials at work and offering management and mentoring tactics to firms struggling with welcoming and retaining Millennial attorneys. 
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