It's a New Year. And with that come the obligatory resolutions. I will do this good thing. I will. I will. I will. What we know from the research is that if you make a public commitment to do something–you are more likely to maintain that new behavior.
And this January–although it's cold and brisk in many parts of the country–our Favorite Thing will warm your heart. Because it's really a gift for you. From us. We know. We should have. And we did.
Ken Broda-Bahm and Erik Brown have spear-headed a new blog aggregator called The Red Well. What's it for? It compiles blogs from some of the nation's leading litigation consultants into one easy to keep track of website that you can stick in your favorite reader or simply bookmark to check often.
"The Red Well provides a one-stop opportunity to browse opinion and analysis on the subjects of litigation communication, persuasion, advocacy, and psychology relating to trial and pre-trial settings."
So, thanks Ken and thanks to all of you out there who read our collective ideas and let us know when we do good work! [And keep us making good on our resolutions to share our ideas and experiences through active and regular blogging.] Visit The Red Well now! (