Race, gender, tears, rage, damages, communication, economy and emotion!

You cannot run the gamut of topics anymore than that! And that’s what we have for you in the May 2011 issue of The Jury Expert! As trial consultants, we see the good, the bad, and the ugly. We are privy to the secrets, the dysfunction, the illicit wishes and wants of the parties and the anger and frustration of both litigants and lawyers. And that results in work that is sometimes exhausting but always invigorating and interesting.
You may have expected a piece in this issue about the way our heroes fall and how jurors [and the general public] respond. We think that topic is way too predictable for The Jury Expert. So instead, what you will see is emerging work on how the race and gender of the trial lawyer is related to the ultimate verdict for criminal defendants. (It isn’t pretty.) And then you’ll find lots more including some original research on damages and entitlement, product liability, juror emotions, and finally, narrative persuasion.
We are, naturally, attuned to the economy and your desires to save some money. So we have two pieces on how to save money on pre-trial research and on witness preparation. Why? Why, because we care about you and want to help.
You could help us too! Our authors work hard on their articles for The Jury Expert! You like reading them. So read. Enjoy. Gather nuggets. AND then become real—by writing a comment on our website or on your own blog so our authors know you are out there appreciating their hard work.
Next time you see us it will be in the dog days of summer. So enjoy this breath of spring and know that, before too long at all, ”we’ll be back”.
Editor, The Jury Expert