Ahhhh…November! Crisp cool air and fall rains – and, in some places, snow. This issue of The Jury Expert comes on the heels of Thanksgiving and perhaps finds you with some leftovers still to conquer. Here at The Jury Expert, we don’t do leftovers. Everything herein is freshly prepared and original just for us. And that means for you!

This issue we have a feast for the mind. Whether it is critically evaluating a presentation perspective (consultants assessing Tufte) or considerations of whether you should present your client as a hero or a victim in the courtroom (new research with consultant reactions) or even preparing for a TV interview – we have a cornucopia of choices!

If that isn’t enough, how about an update on Generation X (yes, X and not Y)? Or maybe you prefer a look at online research? Or a book review on evaluating personal injury claims? Or SJQ questions that more tactfully ask “Are You Now or Have You Ever Been Crazy”? And for dessert, we present our Favorite Thing (right now, anyway).

As we send this issue to you, our readers, we want to say ‘Thanks’! We continue to exist thanks to you reading us and forwarding our URL http://thejuryexpert.firminc.com/ to your friends and colleagues. We are grateful. And we’d like to ask a favor. Do it again. Tell people you know about us. In return, we will continue to bring you the latest research and our best recommendations for practice, presentation, and reading. Let me know if there is a topic you’d like us to cover.

Rita R. Handrich, Ph.D.

Editor, The Jury Expert