This issue we have three Favorite Things submitted by three different trial consultants. Two are apps (both free) and one is a means of monitoring the social and political issues that divide us (also free). We hope you will visit these Favorite Things and take a look at our past Favorites as well.


I really like the following website and guides for iPad apps:  The site provides daily updates on apps that have gone free, has useful news stories and the Appstart section reviews the editors best selections for a variety of content areas.

Submitted by Steven E. Perkel, DSW, LCSW, the Senior Litigation Consultant at Archer & Greiner, P.C. 

KeyRing App

I love my KeyRing App. No more little tags weighing down my keys or club cards bulking up my wallet.

Submitted by Edward P. Schwartz, Jury Consultant at TrialGraphix.

Gallup News

I rely on Gallup News to keep me grounded in public opinion on a variety of issues that go well beyond the current political horse race.  For example, I am working on some cases where attitudes toward government regulation is a critical component, and in today’s email I find a current snap shot of same.  They send out “data bites” in one or two sentences and a link to their site if you want the details. No subscription needed.  Even when I don’t have an immediate need for a particular “data bite,” knowing there is a recent survey out there saves me time when I do need it. Some days I find these snap shots to be a source of encouragement about the state of popular opinion, others days not so much, but it is always good to keep an eye on the issues that divide us and the depth of that division. 

Submitted by Susan Macpherson, Senior Litigation Consultant at NJP Litigation Consulting/Midwest