We have some new and exciting developments here at The Jury Expert! Brian Patterson (who has been our Assistant Editor and an integral part of bringing us to you) has taken on some new tasks and redesigned our PDF version. Brian is very talented and the PDF of the entire issue and the separate articles has never looked so good! THANKS Brian! And thanks to Brian’s firm, Barnes & Roberts for giving Brian the time to not only create the PDF version but to also keep our web version looking good AND spearheading the design of original artwork for The Jury Expert! Thanks to Brian—we’ve had some cosmetic surgery and we look fabulous!

This issue is packed with contributions from ASTC member trial consultants on practical issues as well as new research relevant to litigation advocacy. We had a few upcoming trials and professional obligations make a dent in our publishing calendar and ASTC members came to the rescue. We are particularly indebted to Stan Brodsky and his graduate students (Carolyn Titcombe and Jacklyn Nagle) for offering not one, but two articles on witnesses and your jurors.

This issue has three articles in total about witnesses (how they come across to observers and how to work on those perceptions to modify them for the better). We also bring you updates on neuro-law and the practice of hydro-fracking and accompanying juror concerns about the environment.

Finally, we have an article on how to use your iPad for trial exhibits. Rounding out the issue are not just one, but three favorite things shared by three consultants.

It’s good to have the heat of summer receding and the promise of cooler winds in fall to look forward to as we prepare the next issue of 2012 for your perusal. As always, please let us know what you like and what you would like to see more of (as well as what you might prefer not to see!). Your feedback keeps us fresh and relevant.

Rita R. Handrich, PhD
Editor, The Jury Expert