In addition to the changes highlighted in the last issue, there is another change to The Jury Expert we want to mention.

We’ve been tweaking the visuals of The Jury Expert over the past year, creating more original editorial art to accompany the articles and trying to bring a more compelling online experience. And beginning with the September 2012 issue, we’ve redesigned the PDF version of the journal, hoping to bring a better experience to the offline version as well. You can see the result of the redesign by downloading the full issue PDF or the individual article PDFs. If you’ll be somewhere you don’t have access to the internet—like in a plane or a train or a hurricane—you can download The Jury Expert and get caught up on the research, insight, and tips from our fantastic authors. Or you can print the articles for clients and associates, sharing information that will lead to better preparation for the courtroom. This also gives our authors a nice presentation of their work they can share with others.

One new feature we’ve added to the full issue PDF version is a Reader’s Comments section. The feedback we get from readers is an important part of publishing The Jury Expert, and we hope that by highlighting your contributions it will spark even more dialogue in the comments section.

Any publication, online or offline, is a work in progress. As we adapt to meet the changing needs of our readers, we hope that you will let us know what you like or don’t like about what we are doing at The Jury Expert, so that it will continue to be a valuable tool in your practice and in your casework.