This month we again have not one but two Favorite Things. One will help you work more beautifully and practically while the other might help you with practically everything.

The first comes from Kelley Tobin of Tobin Trial Consulting!

“It’s called the Mona iPad stand.  It’s light.  It’s portable.  It’s beautiful.  Works with the iPad 2 and iPad 3.  Great for tabletop video work with witnesses and $29.95.”

And the second is from Brian Patterson of Barnes and Roberts!

"You may already be using this, it's been around for a few years now, but searching through the Jury Expert archives, I can't find that anyone has mentioned it here before. Evernote is, at it's simplest, an online notebook. It's available on pretty much every computing platform, so a note you make on your computer is automatically synced to your smartphone, your tablet, your laptop, your other tablet, etc. But it's not just a notebook for text notes, it's a notebook for audio notes, images, handwritten notes, web pages, etc. There is a lot of et cetera with Evernote. And it's not just a single notebook, it's notebooks within notebooks within notebooks. Organize your all your thoughts and bits of information into a strict hierarchy, or leave it all in one place and use Evernote's fantastic search capabilities to find the note you are looking for. And it's free."