The digital version of The Jury Expert has been successful beyond our expectations. That was not always the case. When the print version of The Jury Expert was discontinued in 2007, we had fewer than 500 subscribers. The publication is very different now but what we’ve noticed is that an advantage of on-line publishing is that as various trials hit the news, some of our more mature articles are accessed repeatedly.

For example, as the Trayvon Martin/George Zimmerman trial heated up and then concluded in controversy, here are some of the articles that had traffic spikes:

Ethical Issues in Racial Profiling by Annabelle Lever

Will It Hurt Me In Court? Weapons Issues and the Fears of the Legally Armed Citizen by Glenn Meyer

The ‘Hoodie Effect’: George, Trayvon and How it Might Have Happened by Doug Keene and Rita Handrich

Does Jury Size Still Matter? by Jill Holmquist

Avoiding Jury Duty: Psychological and Legal Perspectives by David M. Sams, J.D., LL.M. and Tess M.S. Neal, Ph.D. and Stanley L. Brodsky, Ph.D.

The first four have direct relevance to themes in the Zimmerman trial and the fifth may be an outcome of those themes! We love it when this happens. What it means is that our articles are “timeless” or “classic”. And for our authors, it means their hard work doesn’t soar and then crash to the ground once they are off our front page. Instead, it is celebrated initially and then savored over and over again as it once again becomes relevant and sought out courtesy of the internet.

So we thought—why not go back in time a bit ourselves? We combed through the old print issues of The Jury Expert to find other classics that few, if any, of The Jury Expert’s current readership have seen.

These are classics in every sense of the word. Timeless. Aging gracefully. Whatever positive descriptor you wish to apply. We thought we’d add them to our full-text online depository of wisdom so searchers can come across them in the future. They are republished here as they were originally presented. Classics from the masters in trial consulting. Only at The Jury Expert.

Illustration by Sully Ridout of Barnes & Roberts.

Rita Handrich, Ph.D. is Editor of The Jury Expertand the Research Director at Keene Trial Consulting.