Ah, the DELETE key. Sitting politely in the upper right of your keyboard, it patiently awaits a caress from your pinky. It quickly corrects errant keystrokes and poor word choices. Click. Goodbye. It evicts spam in the blink of an eye. Banishing Testostoril, Walk-in tubs, and Nigerian Finance Ministers with hardly a thought. No other key, not the Control key, not the Alt or the Function keys, not even the Command key have the kind of raw power assigned to this one magical button. Music, photographs, spreadsheets and even whole applications don’t stand a chance! Tired of that song? DELETE it. Stalker boyfriend party pics? DELETE ’em. That email rant written in anger and frustration? DELETE it.

So, thank you, delete key, for always being there, ready to help with whatever problem we have.

Jason Barnes, a.k.a. “The Graphics Guy” is a graphic designer and trial consultant based in Dallas, Texas. He has been practicing visual advocacy since 1990 and has worked in venues across the country. He specializes in intellectual property and complex business litigation cases. You can read more about Mr. Barnes and how he can help you tell better stories in the courtroom at his webpage and on his blog, www.igetlit.com.