spamdrainlogo-thejuryexpertHave you ever wished you could stop all that spam from coming to your tablet and smart phone like it’s stopped with the email spam filter on your computer? There’s an app for that! This one stops spam, viruses, and phishing attacks at the server level BEFORE it disseminates to your tablet and phone so you won’t ever again be bothered by those emails from fake PayPal, Ashley Madison, “pharmaceutical” sales, someone wishing to give their money to you because you are a moral person with good character, the purveyors of size enhancers and international brides, and even emails from known quantities that you just don’t want to see any longer.

SpamDrain! Here’s what they say about themselves:

“We are really sick of having our time wasted by stupid spam and that’s why we’ve invented this service. Join us and experience how hassle-free life can be without spam.”

It’s $15 a year per email address. 95% of my spam mail goes to a single address and so that is the one I pay to filter via SpamDrain. Shortly after I began to use it, I realized I could just let newsletters and announcements from professional associations that I did not care about be identified as spam. I don’t have to unsubscribe but I only see them now when I review the spam folder.

There are configurable settings so you can have a spam summary email once a day or less if you really want to forget about it. Watch it closely for the first week so it knows what really is spam. I check it every day so if client email somehow is seen as spam, I catch it quickly. This is perhaps the most accurate, efficient, and irritation-reducing spam solution I have tried over the years. The bonus is that every day when I review what’s in the spam folder, I smile to see who has been trapped and then, with a single mouse click, I consign them to be spam forever. It’s a good thing.

Rita Handrich, PhD is a trial consultant with Keene Trial Consulting and Editor of The Jury Expert.