TopTenHere’s a look back at what your colleagues were especially interested in at The Jury Expert in 2013. One of the things we worked really hard on is our internet search keywords and it shows in the range of articles sought out by readers in the past year. Some of these articles have had very brief lives thus far while others are long-time favorites. (Note to authors: When you write for us, your article has a pretty long life thanks to multiple academic databases indexing us and the internet searches that find us time and time again.)

This list is a traditional count-down from #10 to #1 and is based on Google Analytics visits to all Jury Expert articles from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013. Have you read all these? There’s no time like the present!

10. In our #10 position is Ken Broda-Bahm’s November 2013 rejoinder to the Reptile Theory from a Defense Perspective: Taming the Reptile: A Defendant’s Response to the Plaintiff’s Revolution.

9. In the #9 position is Mark Bennett’s January 2010 article on jury selection:16 Simple Rules for Better Jury Selection.

8. In the #8 position is another Reptile rejoinder by Stephanie West Allen, Jeffrey M. Schwartz, and Diane Wyzga. Originally published in May 2010 Atticus Finch Would Not Approve: Why a Courtroom Full of Reptiles Is a Bad Idea. This article was also a favorite in 2012.

7. In the #7 position is the November 2011 article on Gen X members now from Doug Keene and Rita Handrich. Generation X members are “active, balanced and happy”. Seriously?. This article was also a favorite in 2012.

6. The #6 position is another article from Doug Keene and Rita Handrich, this one from November 2012. “Only the Guilty Would Confess to Crimes” : Understanding the Mystery of False Confessions.

5. In the #5 position is the January 2009 article by British ethicist Annabelle Lever: Ethical Issues in Racial Profiling. This article was also a favorite in 2012.

4. In the #4 position is a January 2013 article from David Sams, Tess M.S. Neal, and Stanley L. Brodsky: Avoiding Jury Duty: Psychological and Legal Perspectives.

3. In the #3 position is a July 2012 article from Merrie Jo Pitera: Courtroom Attire: Ensuring Witness Attire Makes the Right Statement.

2. In our #2 position is this November 2010 article from Krista Forrest and William Douglas Woody: Police Deception during Interrogation and Its Surprising Influence on Jurors’ Perceptions of Confession Evidence. This article was also a favorite in 2012.

1. And, the #1 most accessed article during the 2013 calendar year (ta-da) was this November, 2009 article from two (then) graduate students, Jennifer Kutys and Jennifer Esterman: Guilty but Mentally Ill (GBMI) vs. Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI): An Annotated Bibliography. This article was also a favorite in 2012.