Top Ten Most Accessed Articles in 2014

Here are the ten articles your colleagues found most intriguing from The Jury Expert website in 2014. Take a look and see if you’ve read all of them!

1) The Mystery of False Confessions: Doug Keene and Rita Handrich on why false confessions happen along with responses from Saul Kassin, Walter Katz, Karen Franklin and Larry Barksdale. This one received almost double the traffic of our second most visited article.

2) What to Wear in Court: Merrie Jo Pitera briefly and clearly addresses how what you wear to court communicates a lot about you. She offers recommendations for both male and female parties and witnesses.

3) Avoiding Jury Duty: David Sams, Tess M.S. Neal, and Stanley Brodsky wrote this psychological and legal perspective on why people avoid (or try to avoid) jury duty.

4) Police Deception During Interrogation: Krista Forrest and William Woody wrote this article on how the police use deception during interrogation and how jurors view confessions when deception is used to elicit them.

5) Guilty but Mentally Ill (GBMI) and Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity: Jennifer Kutys and Jennifer Esterman penned this annotated bibliography that is a perennial favorite of our readers looking for information on this specialized area.

6) 16 Simple Rules for Jury Selection: Mark Bennett wrote another perennial favorite for attorneys doing voir dire everywhere.

7) Gen X Members are “Active, Balanced and Happy”. Doug Keene and Rita Handrich wrote this update on how far Gen X members have come from their initial portrayal as grungy punks.

8) The Glasses Stereotype, Revisited: Michael Forster, Gernot Gerger, and Helmut Leder (all from the University of Vienna) wrote this piece looking at whether the stereotype of eyeglass-wearing criminal defendants being treated less harshly holds water.

9) Ethical Issues in Racial Profiling: Annabelle Lever (a British ethicist) examines the idea of racial profiling in the American justice system.

10) Why a Courtroom Full of Reptiles is a Bad Idea: Stephanie West Allen, Jeffrey Schwartz, and Diane Wyzga wrote this examination of the reptile theory and Mark Bennett, Sonia Perez Chaisson, Max Kennerly and Randi McGinn offer their reactions to the paper.