As I write this, Texas is water-logged and trying hard to dry off before the next rainstorms hit. It’s a soggy start to summer but our normally parched summertime lawns and gardens appreciate it. As this issue of The Jury Expert uploads to the web, the American Society of Trial Consultants is meeting in Nashville, Tennessee for their annual conference. This year, we say goodbye to the long-time guidance of Executive Director, Ron Matlon. Ron has weathered many changes during his tenure at the helm of the organization and his absence will be missed. Ron has been consistently gracious and supportive of our efforts here at The Jury Expert and we will miss him on a day-to-day basis.

In addition to our warm wishes for Ron’s retirement, this issue we have some intriguing research on whether a specific camera angle results in more positive ratings of your witness; whether even simplistic graphs will make more people believe your point of view; and a look at how juror’s respond to hard science versus soft science findings in the courtroom. We also have an article on plain language jury instructions, an update on the multigenerational law firm workforce, getting the other side to strike who you want them to strike, and finally a Top 10 list of what articles have been most popular since we moved to a new software platform in 2011. Top that off with a fabulous Favorite Thing and our May issue is complete.

We read a wide range of papers here to figure out what we think you would like to see explained in our pages—but if we missed something, or you have something you’d like addressed, click my name below and send me an email about a request you have. If we can find someone to write about it, we will. (How easy is that?!)

Rita R. Handrich, Ph.D.
Editor, The Jury Expert

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