In May of 2008, The Jury Expert began to publish online. We became popular very quickly so in 2011, we moved to a WordPress platform and to a new webpage address. Our Google Analytics history was lost to us with that address relocation and so we thought we’d bring you all the articles that have brought in the most traffic to TJEs pages since our adoption of a WordPress platform. Many of these are perennial favorites that have been popular since publication, while others wax and wane with topics in the news. Make sure you haven’t missed any of them!

1. “Only the Guilty Would Confess to Crimes” : Understanding the Mystery of False Confessions.Written by Doug Keene and Rita Handrich of Keene Trial Consulting—this paper offers a review of the literature on false confessions and responses by four professionals. It’s been one of our most popular articles since written in late 2012.

2. Courtroom Attire: Ensuring Witness Attire Makes the Right Statement. Written by Merrie Jo Pitera of Litigation Insights—this paper offers a brief summary of what to wear [and what not to wear] to court. Consistent traffic to this page shows this is a constant dilemma.

3. Ethical Issues in Racial Profiling. Written by British ethicist Annabelle Lever—this article has been a consistent favorite since it was published back in 2009!

4. Guilty but Mentally Ill (GBMI) vs. Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity (NGRI): An Annotated Bibliography. Written by two-then-graduate-students at Wright State University (Jennifer Kutys and Jennifer Esterman), this is a annotated bibliography primer on these two legal concepts.

5. Police Deception during Interrogation and Its Surprising Influence on Jurors’ Perceptions of Confession Evidence. Written by academics Krista D. Forrest and William Douglas Woody—this article was initially popular and then surged in hits again after the Central Park Fivedocumentary was released.

6. Avoiding Jury Duty: Psychological and Legal Perspectives. Written by academics David M. Sams, Tess M.S. Neal, and Stanley L. Brodsky—this article covers reasons potential jurors might try to avoid jury duty.

7. 16 Simple Rules for Better Jury Selection. Written by defense attorney Mark W. Bennett—this one has been popular with Jury Expert readers since published in 2010. What do Shrek and beer pong have to do with jury selection? Read this and know.

8. Generation X members are “active, balanced and happy”. Seriously? Written by Doug Keene and Rita Handrich of Keene Trial Consulting, this article updates us on what has happened to Generation X since their grungy slacker youth.

9. The Glasses Stereotype Revisited. Written by academics Michael Forster and Gernot Gerger and Helmut Leder—this article looks again at assumptions we make about people who wear glasses.

10. Atticus Finch Would Not Approve: Why a Courtroom Full of Reptiles Is a Bad Idea. Written by Stephanie West Allen, Jeffrey M. Schwartz and Diane Wyzga—this article is one of the first we published on the reptile theory.