After a lengthy hiatus, we are back for a diverse issue containing everything from information on the declining civil jury trial, to an informative article on what ASTC offers in the line of pro bono services for trial consulting. We also have a Q&A on some new witness research done by a student (soon to be a job applicant) as well as another original research paper completed by another graduate student on attitudes toward the mentally ill.

In addition you will find a favorite thing and another article on visual evidence that will help you present your evidence persuasively—remember, a picture is worth a hundred words (or more).

This will be my last issue as Editor of The Jury Expert. We resurrected the publication online in May of 2008 after working for about 6 months on web design and content. Over the years, we have tried to be timely, provocative, challenging, stimulating, and interesting to read. I appreciate the way The Jury Expert has been embraced by the litigation advocacy community. After more than 10 years, it is time for me to step down.

I hope that a new Editor will continue our history of taking risks and highlighting the value of trial consultants to the litigation advocacy community while writing for those on both sides of the aisle.

Rita R. Handrich, Ph.D.

Editor, The Jury Expert